Whispered Kisses

Rena Marks 
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Anjelia Romere finds secrets aren't always best left unsaid. She's the vampire mistress, AND the werewolf queen--at the same time. Now, she has to share with both alpha males that something involving magic has gone beserk.

Morning sickness.

To hide her pregnancy, she's shipped to France when the vampires claim the old vampire master's kingdom. Secrets begin to unravel once the vampires arrive in France.

Her child is a wonderment, and other species are curious as to how the breeding between three parents could have possibly occurred.

Especially curious is a visiting werewolf from Spain. Little does anyone know, he has in captivity another mixed breed. Unfortunately, the man in captivity is slowly dying while her son is perfectly healthy.

The Spanish werewolves want to know why, and nothing will stop them from finding out.

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Whispered Kisses

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