Rena Marks 
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Book 2 - Lucie & Rayhaan

Alien abductions are real and now I’m stranded on the planet Blaedonia.

I was the fourth female awakened aboard the Drurian spacecraft that specialized in kidnapping females. Their mission? To sell us to other galaxies.

Human female Numbers One and Two didn’t make it, but Niki—also known as Number Three—made it through the experimentation of language implantation. I was lucky and she transferred the gift of languages to me. I’m now able to understand the sexy, blue barbarians who have taken us in on their planet.

Now, Niki has mated to the King—Drakar—who has decided to mate me to his best friend Rayhaan. Apparently the barbarians are clueless to the fact that Earthlings choose their own men.

Lucky for me, I have an opportunity to travel home. Unlucky for Rayhaan, he’s forced to do my bidding to woo me.

Because now, a girl has options.

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